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The Curious House

"Creating a place that allows your Creative soul flourish"


Coaching Packages


Free 20 min Taster Session


Initial phone conversation to meet each other and chat through your needs followed by a free 20 min taster session.


Joyous Bundle - Re ignite your fire

Coaching Package 4 x 1 hour weekly or fortnightly session = £320

One on one session Guided relaxation, tools, follow up notes, reminders.


Mission Control - Realigning your flight path. one on one 

An intensive session talking through your creative mission/vision. Tools follow ups and reminders.  I Session 120 mins £180.00 Individual Session 


Fuck it, Mrs Ducket!

Creative Coaching Session and One night Residential Retreat to give space and freedom to your Creative Soul....A Bouguie stay in the Mother ship.


One 120 min one on one Coaching Session £180 followed by a nights stay in a magical space with re-invigorating properties. Hang out in the house in your own en-suite room with roll top bath! Magical breakfast and chat...your soul will thank you. Room and Breakfast £175.00 Total Package £355.00


Creative  Residential Retreat with a creative Bosom buddy and partner in crime.  Come with a friend and have the two top rooms together... Have a Coaching session each and room each plus fabulous picnic breakfast, Be inspired, recharged, reconnected, joyous conversation, lull and pamper.

Coaching Session x 2 plus Room and Breakfast x 2 Total Package £700.00

Intensive Coaching session to get you reconnected excited and feeling inspired. One on one intensive session, personal Guided relaxation, tools, follow up notes, reminders.

N. B Currently Mondays and Tuesdays only.


Wild Women Rewilding Retreats  to re-awaken your Soul.

Coming Soon details to be confirmed.


Creativity for me is the underlying everything… and something I have been seeking to uncover and fathom all of my life to understand this mysterious life force. As I have gotten older and searched for meaning in many places, it has become clear that everything I make, gather, create or seek an interest in has this fundamental thing at its core. It underpins the essence of everything I do and make and all has creativity at its core.


"Sadie has the gift of deep listening and then giving intuitively brilliant responses. Her own creative approach to the world is authentic, eccentric, beautiful, and frees all who see it. Don't miss out on the experience of Ms. Spikes in whatever she offers. " Jill Badonsky, author/illustrator, creator Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching.


The Curious Cabinet has been created as a place to come and experience a re-awakening of creative zeal, a chance to unplug, be creatively inspired and rejuvenated step back almost in time to soothe your soul and rest up a little and in this space find some creative inspiration as the noise of life recedes and you take some time out for yourself.

For any further information To book or ask about availability for Creative Coaching and or our Creative Residentials, Retreats or for any other questions then please just call or email:

Sadie 07831 381177/0117 935 4964



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