An Artist’s Residence

The Curious Guesthouse

My Mission

"Creating a space that allows your Creative soul flourish in a chaotic world."

Creativity for me is the underlying everything… and something I have been seeking to uncover and fathom all of my life to understand this mysterious life force. As I have gotten older and searched for meaning in many places, it has become clear that everything I make, gather, create or seek an interest in has this fundamental thing at its core. It underpins the essence of everything I do and make and all has creativity at its core.

From 2021 The Curious Cabinet will be the place to come for anyone seeking  Creative Coaching or a Creative Residency. If you are struggling with feeling creatively stuck due to overwhelm, procrastination, perfectionism and other blocks that can stifle our creative flow then Sadie Spikes will be offering kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching at the House.

Coaching packages and Coaching Residential's details coming soon!

The House is a Unique Hideaway for you and your soul and a perfect place for a creative Lull, and Sadie has experienced a lifetime of creative challenges and battles and understands on a deep level how if our creativity is blocked it can cause deep personal unrest using KMCC creativity coaching methods anyone is able to use simple steps to recharge and reconnect with your creative self to get inspired and life excited. 

The Curious Cabinet guesthouse has been created as a place to come and experience a little fragment of stillness in an inspiring place, a chance to unplug, be creatively inspired and rejuvenated step back almost in time to soothe your soul and rest up a little and in this space find some creative inspiration as the noise of life recedes.

From 2021 we will be offering a limited number of residential creative coaching packages as we change direction.

Our rooms are sanctuaries, Retreats... with everything in them that your grandmother would have lovingly put there for you if you were going to stay. Delicious crisp sheets and feather duvets, extra wool blankets, hot water bottles! tea and coffee and a treat to nibble on, a roll top bath tub all to yourself with bubbles on hand, inspiring books, unplug from depressing TV and curl up with old school DVD’s and a little bit of Chocolate…..time for yourself just to Be.

To book or ask about availability for Creative Coaching and or our Creative Retreats (coming in 2021)  or for any other questions then please just call or email:

Sadie 07831 381177/0117 935 4964



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