Artist’s Projects

The writings in the margins by your great-grandmother, the essence of our shared history, the smells associated with found treasures; I bottle these tiny incidental marks and release them, with a pinch of soul, into projects of mine. And so is born an antidote to the ordinary – created, with love, by me.

The Show Vans


The Vans have been a four-year labour of love, initially driven by a desire to create a magical space—they have involved gathering, collecting, researching, and there has been blood, sweat, and tears to bring these unique objects back to life, whilst retaining the essence of soul and past history. They are beautiful and bespoke objects for hire or sale; to own something extraordinary, please enquire!

Run your very own classic Show Van for a year ! Click here to read the proposal and get involved.

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Artist-in-residence and commissions

Making and creating, growing something from scratch; using bare hands, vision, and integrity, investing love into the fabric of the walls to make a special and nurturing space. The house has run successfully as a guesthouse for nine years. Moving away from the guesthouse and using all the experience gathered, the new direction will be helping others create spaces with a similar specialness, which is an art form in itself. That magic formula will be available via consultation; for any projects please enquire!

Current artist-in-residence at Higgi Haus.

Watch this space for updates, coming soon!

For projects and commissions, please enquire!