The Curious Cabinet

“One woman crafting an antidote to the ordinary; making visible the intangible, inventing the uninvented. Artist, maker, mistress of all that I have touched with my soul – alchemist, collector, creator.”
- Sadie Spikes

Exploring and Explaining the Projects

The concept of the Curious Guesthouse has been built from scratch by my hand, and for years I have been investing creative energy into making something distinctive; something that magically touches all who stay here. As an artist and collector, I have turned the Guesthouse into a truly unique hideaway for those who stay. Balancing a studio art practice alongside it, I attempt to create work that shares the ethos and aesthetic of everything I endeavour to make.


The past four years have also been spent rescuing and resurrecting three rare old caravans! The Show Vans have been beautifully restored with their souls resurrected, and they truly are portals into the personal and the poetic. The project has now been realised and the gorgeous objects are available for rent and sale.


The next chapter of The Curious Cabinet involves a return to my studio for more artwork in 2019. This is alongside an artist-in-residence position within a separate collaborative project, Higgihaus, which uses all of my experience gathered from the Guesthouse, Vans, and life, to help create a new home solution for co-living in the future.


2019 marks the relaunch of the guesthouse in an exciting new format: we're delving into a self contained world of Airbnb, alongside our creative collaborations and intriguing residencies in small intimate group settings. Stay tuned for more updates!


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Run your very own classic Show Van for a year ! Click here to read the proposal and get involved.