The Curious Cabinet

'Creating Stillness in a chaotic world'

Exploring and Explaining the Projects

The concept of the Curious Guesthouse has been built from scratch by my hand, and for years I have been investing creative energy into making something distinctive; something that magically touches all who stay here. As an artist and collector, I have turned the Guesthouse into a truly unique hideaway for those who stay. Balancing a studio art practice alongside it, I attempt to create work that shares the ethos and aesthetic of everything I endeavour to make.


A project of love and seeking solace, rescuing and resurrecting three rare old caravans has now been finished and much learnt along the way! The Show Vans have been beautifully restored with their souls resurrected, and they truly are portals into the stillness. The project has now been realised and in collaboration with Embercombe in Devon the gorgeous objects are now available for amazing unplugged getaways. Please contact Embercombe for more details or to Book.



The next chapter of The Curious Cabinet involves more creativity from the  studio in 2020. Seeking collaborations and projects and starting Creative mentoring and Residencies at the house.




For any more information about any of this, please contact Sadie 0117 935 4964/ 07831 381177 Interest in Collaborations or Bookings please Email: