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'An Antidote to the Ordinary'

Curious Adventures at the House - Creative Coaching, Retreats and Residentials

The Curious Cabinet, Studio and Guesthouse is a truly unique hideaway for those who wish to unleash their creative dreams. Within this maze of inspiring magic, Joyous meet-ups, Talks on Creativity, and Rewilding Creative Residencies are designed to help you discover your own innate way back to your creativity and keep that creative fire burning. My name is Sadie Spikes - a Certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, writer, artist, collector, and guide to rejuvenating your Creativity.


The process of Creating in whatever guise that comes in, is the thing that brings the joy to life!


When we deny our creativity it brings with it a whole host of pain and frustration. Having been there myself, I understand how our habits of procrastination, high pressure expectations, and perfectionism can rob us of the freedom and joy possible in our creative calling. Years of learning to balance a creative art practice alongside life is a passion of mine and what I have discovered is that the art of making makes everything else feel bearable, balanced and in flow.


Kaizen-Muse Creative Coaching is not like anything is an unconventional, non linear approach filled with surprise and permission. It takes the pressure off of you, by using playfulness, self compassion and guided steps, guided relaxations to ignite intuition, and very small steps and key questions to bust resistance.


Let's Chat

You are invited to find out more about this form of Creativity Coaching by giving Sadie a call. We can talk through what you might need and see if it is a good fit for us.


"Invest in your dreams"

Please call or Email Sadie: 07831 381177/0117 9354964


The Curious Cabinet will be bringing more Creativity to the World! from Sadie's Studio and helping You create more. Sadie has put all of her life's varied life experience to use, and retrained to become a Certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach which has combined a lifetime of creative passion and experience as an Artist, maker, art lecturer, business owner, entrepreneur and mother, with a First class, Fine Art in Context B.A, and Fine Art M.A: 


Sadie's Mission:

To help as many people she can out of the pain it causes to become disconnected from your creativity, by Coaching to re-ignite and keep your creative fire burning, using KMCC tools, skills, and a rich and varied life experience to guide you back to you, you will feel more alive, begin to make space possible in the small cracks of your life and start to feel the flow of joy and playfulness come back! Who doesn't want That....!


For More information about any of this:

Please contact Sadie 0117 935 4964/ 07831 381177

For Interest or more info about Coaching, Residencies or Events please Email:

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Coaching Testimonials


"Sadie has a gift of deep listening and then giving intuitively brilliant responses. Her own creative approach to the world is authentic, eccentric, beautiful, and frees all who see it. Don't miss out on the experience of Ms. Spikes in whatever she offers." - Jill Badonsky, Author/Illustrator, creator Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching.


"Sadie never tried to force anything to happen. She met me exactly where I was at, and gently allowed me to talk through what was going on. By staying open and curious, it didn't matter whether Sadie understood my industry or anything about my situation, she simply asked really good questions and let me do the work. Sadie's guided relaxation was a masterclass in pacing and using visuals to bring me to a place of perspective. " Aaron Golding


"Sadie, you are golden! Thank you for your wonderful coaching! It helped me a lot to gain clarity and perspective. You are truly lovely to be around." Morgan Toal.


" You are the coolest person I know. I love your insights. I love your humour and I am so thankful for all of your incredible encouragement. You ooze coolness and laidbackness when you coach." Rozy Walker