The Curious Cabinet

'Creating Stillness in a chaotic world'

Exploring and Explaining the Projects

The Curious Cabinet and Guesthouse has been built and evolved over a period of years -  for  those years I have been investing creative energy into making something a little extraordinary; something that magically touches all who visit. As an artist and collector, I have turned the Guesthouse into a truly unique hideaway for those who have stayed here.

I have also attempted to balance a studio art practice alongside it, for me the art of making, the process of creating in whatever guise that comes in, is the thing that brings joy and stillness to my heart and connects me to something bigger than myself and something that I believe we all possess. 

This next exciting chapter of The Curious Cabinet in 2021 involves more Creativity from the  Studio and the start of Sadie's Creative Coaching Practise, talks and workshops on Creativity and Creative Residencies at the house.

We say thank you and farewell to the Guesthouse of old and hello to a whole new direction...

Sadie has taken this year to retrain as  Kaizen Muse Creative Coach and has combined a lifetime of creative passion and experience as an Artist, maker, art lecturer,  business owner, entrepreneur and Mother. Knowing from experience how difficult it is to keep your creative fire burning when juggling life is something she has a deep understanding off and is now in a position to be able to help others find and keep their creativity or creative fire alive using her KMCC tools, skills  and rich and varied life experience. (More details and a new website to come in Feb 2021, please keep your eyes peeled)

In the meantime if you have any queries or enquiries please feel free to get in touch with Sadie:

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